Skyrocket Your Business with Facebook Agency Ad Accounts

Keep advertising smoothly without struggling with Facebook bans

Use our strong high quality ad accounts created and validated directly by Meta

Benefits of working with adXpander

Whitelisted Ad Accounts

  • All our ad accounts are created and validated directly by Facebook, providing them with a high level of trust and strength beyond regular ad accounts. 

Easy Top-up

  • We facilitate fast and seamless top-ups to your ad account balance through platforms like Wise, Mercury, Revolut, and support international transfers. 

Premium Support

  • Enjoy a range of support services, including live chat support, technical assistance, and access to Facebook experts, ensuring you have the guidance you need.

Scale Ads with Peace of Mind

  • Our ad accounts require no warm-up period, allowing you to scale your ads from day one. With unlimited spending capacity, you can expand your advertising efforts without worries.


πŸ‘‰ Our ad accounts are directly whitelisted by Meta, giving them a high level of trust and strength. Unlike regular accounts, they offer unlimited spending with no added fees, empowering you to maximize your ad budget and achieve remarkable results! πŸš€
⏰ With our seamless top-up process, your ad account will be funded in no time! We support platforms like Wise, Payoneer, and local transfers in Morocco, ensuring quick and efficient transactions for your convenience. πŸ’³
🀝 We take pride in our premium support services! From live chat assistance to technical guidance, our team is here to support you every step of the way. Plus, you get direct access to Facebook experts for invaluable advice! πŸ“ž
πŸš€ No need to wait! Our ad accounts are ready to rock from day one. They require no warm-up period, allowing you to scale your ads with peace of mind and reach your target audience immediately. πŸ’Ό
πŸ—Ί Absolutely! Our ad accounts support international transfers, making it hassle-free to reach audiences worldwide. Expand your business beyond borders and tap into new markets with ease! 🌍
πŸ’‘ We believe in flexibility! Our ad accounts have a minimum of $150, we empower businesses of all sizes to advertise starting from small budgets. πŸ’Ή
βœ… Absolutely! Our ad accounts are fully whitelisted and comply with all of Meta’s policies. You can focus on your marketing strategies while we ensure your account remains secure and compliant. πŸ”’
πŸš€ Getting started is easy!Β  DM us now and unleash your advertising potential with our fee-free, limitless Facebook ad accounts. Elevate your marketing game today! πŸ“
πŸ’― Yes! Our ad accounts are designed for sustained growth. With unlimited spending, verified security, and dedicated support, you can count on our service for a strong foundation to drive your business forward! πŸ“ˆ
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